A podcast about the stories we carry about our bodies.

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Start a conversation. Change the narrative.

Welcome to the Body Story Podcast, a weekly show about body positivity, shame, and how we can change the conversation on this crucial topic. Each episode will feature an in-depth conversation with someone who is ready to share their body story.


Our hope is that these stories will help others better understand the relationship with their own bodies and learn to love them unconditionally. It's time to end body shame through the power of storytelling. One story can inspire, hundreds can change the world.

One story can inspire.

Hundreds can change the world.

We embody the stories that we tell about ourselves (literally!) Whether we think that we are too much or too little, whether we are ashamed or inspired, and what we need to change in order to be "just right." We ALL have this inner-dialogue, these stories and sometimes those stories make us feel trapped and shameful in our own skin.

From the way we dress to the way we eat, body shame resides in almost every corner of the Western world. And it goes much deeper than just being a certain pant size or breast size.

In The Body Story Podcast, we’ll open up about how we collectively experience body shame so that we can heal and change the narrative. We cover topics from as many different people as possible, discussing everything  from body type to mental health to physical abnormalities and everything in between.


Nothing is off-limits. Because in the end, it’s those things that make you uniquely “damaged” that are actually what connect you most deeply to others—the shame is a thread that weaves through each of us. 


It’s time to open up, share with each other, and dissolve that bullshit once and for all so we can love ourselves unconditionally.

Connect. Share. Support.

If you align with what we're trying to do, and want to help contribute to the future of The Body Story Podcast, you can become a Patreon supporter for as little as $1 a month! Every dollar helps us expand our operation to share stories and spread messages of body love to the world.

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